About Paty Araujo Photography


When I was little and went to my aunts, uncles, or any of my mom’s friends’ houses, I used to immediately look for their wedding portraits. Even at a young age, I knew that these images told a story. I loved being able to imagine these big days through the eyes of the people who lived them.

Now that I’m all grown up, I still love to look at these images, and now I have the extra joy of sharing them with my own children.

It makes perfect sense that I’ve dedicated my life to capturing these precious moments, because I know that these images will become family heirlooms.

When I’m snapping that beautifully posed portrait of your new husband kissing your forehead, I’m imagining a few years down the road when your kids will look at that portrait hanging on the wall and imagine this perfect day.

I believe in treating clients like family and building relationships prior to the wedding or quinceanera day. So don’t be surprised when I start tearing up as dad twirls the quince girl, or the new Mr. and Mrs. share their first kiss. It’s a joy to watch your most treasured stories unfold.