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These Jewelers Take Pride in What They Do

What is better than an engagement ring signifying a couple’s love and devotion to each other? Custom designing that ring to match their personality and individual style.

Stone Oak Jewelers does just that. They pride themselves in their custom casting ring technology. With two gemologists on site and more than 30 years of experience, this family business is ready to meet the needs of their clientele.

“We make whatever the bride or the couple wants,” owner Dan Dement says.

They are able to do this because the company keeps up with the latest techniques and machinery. They own equipment that other designer companies like Tiffany’s uses.

“We do the complicated, hard things because we’re on the forefront of technology,” Dement says.

Most of the brides are looking for white metals like platinum or palladium. The call for the lighter toned metals is so large that Dement started exploring new options within the demand. This led to the creation of palladium rhodium, a metal he is now patenting. This two-year process is paying off and he’s used the metal with customers for about a year.

There is a large difference in price between platinum or palladium because of the difficulty in creation. Dement prefers both to white gold because of their strength, endurance and longevity. Compared to white gold, palladium rhodium is whiter, harder and lasts more than twice as long.

Stone Oak Jewelers is the place to pick if you want a personal manufacturer and not just a seller. They use green metal, which is metal that has been recycled from all sorts of things, including airplane parts.

They use fine-make or fine-cut GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc.) certified diamonds and are members of the American Gem Society.

Many people would wonder about the price for a custom-made piece of jewelry, but it is probably more affordable than they might think.

“To make a ring generally is not any more expensive than going and getting a designer ring,” Dement says.

This is because the company makes some of the metals and forms the pieces in house. They don’t have to pay for the middlemen.

While they want to customize to meet customers’ needs, the company also keeps tabs on the latest trends with rings and other pieces of jewelry.

“Halos are still very popular. We mostly sell rounds and ovals—our two most popular cuts,” Dement says.

Many brides are also choosing a more antique style of ring or straight wedding bands that are even attractive alone.

At the first or fifth anniversary, many women come back to get another band to go with their wedding rings. At other significant anniversaries, several choose to enhance the engagement ring with a bigger or better diamond. The old diamond then becomes a pendant.

“For us the hot trend is whatever she wants,” Dement says. “It’s her ring, her day. If she wants it, we can do it.”

Customers sit down with the designers and create a custom design. If clients need ideas, there are photos of the more than 10,000 pieces the jewelers have already made. After they discuss style, metal, stone and budget, Stone Oak Jewelers can finish the product in a week.

The couples often come back for wedding gifts.

Dement’s daughter, DeAnna Bowling, says, “Quite often the groom will come and get something special for the wedding day. The brides will usually gravitate toward watches for the men.”

Her favorite thing to do is “definitely work with the couple to come up with what their ideal ring is.”

Bowling also loves to see the look in people’s eyes when the see the final product that came from their initial design.

“It’s artistic and you kind of get to do perfect things for them,” she says.

Stone Oak Jewelers stands behind what they make.

Bowman recommends people visit their storefront “because you will get one-on-one, personal attention for life.”


18730 Stone Oak Pkwy., Suite 104, San Antonio, TX 78258


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